Human Body Models

20 lb fat vest

Fort Atkinson, WI: NASCO, 2000.
(1 model: plastic, col.; in case 41 x 43 x 29 cm. + 1 booklet.)

NAL Call Number: Model no.37
When worn, this vest has the size and feel of 20 lbs of extra body fat. Vest is secured with Velcro straps, and comes with literature entitled Weight Management Education Strategies and a carrying case.

Life/form 1 lb & 5 lb fat and muscle body replica set

Fort Atkinson, WI: NASCO, 2000.
(4 models: plastic, col.)

NAL Call Number: Model no. 32
Body muscle replicas are designed to show the muscle configuration developed through exercise. Body fat replicas are designed to represent accumulated human fat. Size differences show how muscle is smaller than fat.

The Consequences of Obesity

Waco, TX: Health Edco, 2002.
(1 exhibit : col. ; mounted in case, 67 x 34 x 14 cm. + 1 booklet)

This model displays what obesity can do to internal body systems. Each 3-D model in the display has a clear description next to it. Models are permanently mounted in a carrying case display.