Ethnic and Cultural Resources

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Find background and practical resources for working with various ethnic/cultural groups. Includes downloadable handouts on a range of topics such as heart health, bone health, healthy cooking and diabetes education. Also find dietary guidelines from around the world.

Cultural and Ethnic Food and Nutrition Education Materials: A Resource List for Educators (PDF | 217 KB)

USDA. NAL. Food and Nutrition Information Center.

Provides practical resources such as books, online information, and kits for those working with various ethnic/cultural groups. Includes extensive section on Spanish-language resources.

USDA Programs Secific to Native Americans and Alaska Natives

USDA. Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations.

Describes numerous USDA programs for American Indians and Alaska Natives including nutrition and food assistance and food safety programs.

Health Literacy Health Literacy Resource List for Educators (PDF | 206 KB)

USDA. NAL. Food and Nutrition Information Center.

Resources for developing/evaluating materials and sources of easy-to-read nutrition materials.

Native Health Databases

University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center.

Provides access to information pertaining to the health and health care of American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Canadian First Nations.

Older Black couple Office of Minority Health

Department of Health and Human Services.

Devoted to improving the health of racial and ethnic minorities, this office provides information on health status, cultural competency, and funding opportunities.

Power to Prevent: A Family Lifestyle Approach to Diabetes Prevention (PDF | 134KB)

DHHS. NIH. National Diabetes Education Program.

Use this curriculum to help educate African American communities on how to prevent and control diabetes through healthy eating and physical activity.

The Pima Indians: Pathfinders for Health

DHHS. NIH. National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

Provides background and health statistics on the health risks of Pima Indians especially as related to diabetes.

Unified Health Communication 101: Addressing Health Literacy, Cultural Competency, and Limited English Proficiency

DHHS. Health Resources and Services Administration.

This free, online training module is designed to help you improve your patient communication skills, increase your awareness and knowledge of the three main factors that affect your communication with patients, and implement patient-centered communication practices.