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Child Eating an Apple

Find fruit and veggie resources, materials, and programs for specific audiences including kids, parents, and teachers.

Resources for Kids

Color Champions logo Fruit & Veggie Color Champions

Produce For Better Health Foundation.

Provides a variety of educational tools such as activity books, coloring sheets, and useful links to help children learn how to increase fruit and vegetable intake.

California Avocado Kids

California Avocado Commission.

Educates children about avocados and their role in a healthy diet. Includes resources for parents and teachers, and in Spanish.

Fresh For Kids

Sydney Markets Limited.

An interactive site dedicated to teaching children the importance of fruits and vegetables in their diets. Includes information for parents and teachers.

Healthy Choices for Kids

Washington Apple Education Foundation.

An educational site providing information for children about eating a balanced diet. Includes educational activities.

Crispy's Apple Stand

Washington Apple Commission.

Interactive site dedicated to teaching children about apples and their effect on health status.


California Strawberry Commission.

Interactive site has strawberry related activities and lesson plans to help kids learn about strawberries. Includes a screensaver to download, gardening information, quizzes, games, fun facts, and more.

Resources for Parents

Fruits & Veggies More Matters™ Fruits & Veggies - More Matters™

Produce for Better Health Foundation.

Provides helpful shopping and cooking tips, recipes and a Fruit and Vegetable Blog to help families learn how to increase their fruit and vegetable intake. Parents can also sign up for weekly e-mail updates that provide healthy eating suggestions.

30 Ways in 30 Days to Stretch Your Fruit and Vegetable Budget

Produce for Better Health Foundation.

A list of 30 ways to help you spread your monthly budget for fruits and vegetables.

What Color is Your Food? Taste a rainbow of fruits and vegetables for better health (PDF | 275 KB)

Find out, colorfully, about fruits and vegetables and their importance to a healthy diet in this 8 page brochure.

Resources for Teachers

Teachers Guide School Idea & Resource Kit (PDF | 5.96 MB)

California Department of Public Health

Links to teacher's guide, coloring pages, games and additional activities for grades K-5.

School Nutrition Education Resources

Produce for Better Health Foundation.

Provides curriculum and kids' activities designed for the classroom.