All About Food

Broccoli, green beans and carrots Antioxidants, Phytochemicals and Functional Foods

Learn more about the many components of foods beyond vitamins and minerals, as well as the role they can play in your overall health. Also find resources to help you evaluate manufacturers' claims.

Cooking Cooking

Looking to try something new or for healthier versions of old favorites? Check out healthy recipes, cooking tips, ingredient substitutions and help in the kitchen for new cooks or for cooking with kids.

Food scientist Food Biotechnology

Learn more about "biotechnology," "genetically modified," and "genetic engineering" and how they may affect what we eat, including safety concerns and potential benefits.

Books Food Facts and History

Get access to dictionaries and encyclopedias to explain food and cooking/culinary terms. Also find timelines to track the evolutionary history of your favorite foods or find uses for those herbs and spices.

Nutrition Facts Label Food Labels

Learn about what food labels can tell you and how you can use them to make better food choices. Also find news and resources about changes to labels, such as trans fat and allergen labeling. Test your knowledge with interactive quizzes.

Thermometer Food Safety

Learn how to select, prepare, and store foods to reduce food related illness in your home. Also find resources on reducing foodborne illness when eating away from home.

Canned and Fresh Apples Food Storage and Preservation

How long can you leave food on the shelf or in the freezer? Want information on canning fruits and vegetables or making jam? Look here for answers to food storage and preservation questions.

Vegetables at local farmers' market Green Nutrition

Learn about sustainability, how to grow, shop, cook, and eat an eco-friendly healthier lifestyle. Find out more about where your food comes from, how far it traveled, and what impact food packaging has on the environment.

red apples Nutrient Composition of Foods

Whether you're looking for the vitamin and mineral content of foods or just the number of calories, use these searchable tools and reports to find the answer. Want a list of foods high (or low) in a particular nutrient, see Reports by Single Nutrients.

Woman shopping Shopping and Meal Planning Tips

Learn how to be a savvy grocery shopper and help your family eat delicious, nutritious meals using these tips on food selection and purchasing. Also find resources on preparing meals from limited ingredients.