Adolescent and Childhood Obesity

Bodyworks for Teens (PDF | 11 MB)

DHHS. Office on Women’s Health.

Small changes with eating healthy foods and exercising can help you feel good, look your best, and have lots of energy. BodyWorks For Teens is a toolkit that can help you make these small changes.

Let's Move!

The White House; Department of Health and Human Services; U.S. Department of Agriculture; Department of Education.

A nationwide campaign to tackle the challenge of childhood obesity by providing schools, parents, and communities with tools to help kids be active, eat better, and get healthy.

Children Playing Basketball Helping Your Overweight Child

DHHS. NIH. NIDDK. Weight-control Information Network.

Targeted to parents and caregivers.

Helping Kids Fight Obesity: Best Online Info Sources (PDF | 778 KB)

USDA. Agricultural Research Service.

Selected by a FNIC registered dietitian, a review of the best Web resources that help kids avoid obesity by encouraging healthy habits and behaviors.

Catalogue of Surveillance Systems (Childhood Obesity Research)

National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research.

Provides a one-stop, web-based catalogue of existing surveillance systems that contain data relevant to childhood obesity research. Includes data at local, state, and national levels on a range of variables.

Measures Registry (Childhood Obesity Research)

National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research.

For public health researchers, a searchable database of diet and physical activity measures (or tools) relevant to childhood obesity research to promote the consistent use of common measures and research methods.

Prevention of Pediatric Overweight and Obesity

American Academy of Pediatrics. Committee on Nutrition.

Policy statement.

2000 CDC Growth Charts: United States

DHHS. CDC. National Center for Health Statistics.

Local Government Actions to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Institute of Medicine. National Research Council of the National Academies.

Provides recommended steps local governments can take in creating environments that make it easier for children to eat healthy diets and get more physical activity. Read the full report online.

BMI for Children and Teens

DHHS. CDC. National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.

CDC BMI-for-age gender specific charts, with established percentile cutoff points to identify underweight and overweight in children.

Is Dieting OK for Kids?

Nemours Foundation. KidsHealth.

Article for kids about what dieting is and if they should do it.

Childhood Obesity

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

A national organization committed to reversing the childhood obesity epidemic by the year 2015 through public policy changes that create healthier environments in schools and communities. Site offers links to best practices, news, and other tools.

Overweight Children and Youth

Child Trends DataBank.

Also available in PDF|330 KB.

Fuel Up to Play 60 Fuel Up to Play 60

National Dairy Council; National Football League; United States Department of Agriculture.

Fuel Up to Play 60 empowers youth to take action to improve nutrition and physical activity at their school and for their own health.

Childhood Obesity: A Lifelong Threat to Health (PDF | 713 KB)

Georgetown University. Center on an Aging Society.

Fact Sheets on Children and Weight

University of California Berkeley. College of Natural Resources. Center for Weight and Health.

MCH Library Knowledge Path: Overweight and Obesity in Children and Adolescents

Georgetown University. Maternal and Child Health Library.

Components of this knowledge path include links to Web sites, electronic publications, databases, and discussion groups related to the topic of overweight and obesity in children and adolescents.

Healthy Body Image: Being an Advocate for Your Child or Grandchild

Purdue University. Purdue Extension. Consumer & Family Sciences

Includes article, activity units and lesson plans to teach children and teens healthy eating and exercise habits.

Childhood Obesity Reports and Studies

USDA. NAL. FNIC. Healthy Meals Resource System.

Collection of resources includes reports and studies from professional journals (published 2000 to present), information available on the World Wide Web, educational materials and contact information of related organizations.

Childhood Obesity: A Food and Nutrition Resource List for Educators and Researchers (PDF | 163KB)

USDA. NAL. Food and Nutrition Information Center.

Compilation of articles from professional journals and also includes consumer education materials and information available online.

Childhood Adiposity - Systematic Reviews

USDA. Nutrition Evidence Library.

Evidence based systematic reviews on childhood adiposity and relationships with energy intake/density of various foods and beverages.

Overweight Children, Is Parental Knowledge a Factor? (PDF | 86 KB)

USDA. Economic Research Service. Food Review.

Weight Management and Obesity Resource List (PDF | 285 KB)

USDA. NAL. Food and Nutrition Information Center.

Includes resources for children and adolescents.

Prevention of Childhood Overweight -- What Should Be Done? (PDF | 621 KB)

University of California Berkeley. College of Natural Resources. Center for Weight and Health.

2001 Position paper.

Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine Obesity and Physical Activity Issue

American Medical Association. Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine

Table of contents from August 2003 issue devoted to obesity. Covers behavioral and mental health issues as well as prevalence and treatment issues. Abstracts available; subscription or purchase necessary for full text.