Dietary Guidance

Dietary Guidelines

Read current and historical Dietary Guidelines for Americans material as well as information on international dietary guidance systems.

Dietary Reference Intakes Book Cover Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs)

View DRI values and use them to plan and assess nutrient intake. Learn about specific nutrients and the history of DRI development.

Handful of broccoli Fruits and Veggies - More Matters

Explore resources for children, parents, and educators to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables and promote good health.

Physical activity Individual Dietary Assessment

Use these tools to assess the dietary intake of individuals. See also Dietary Assessment Instruments for Research.

Choose My Plate icon MyPlate and Historical Food Pyramid Resources

Discover links to many MyPlate resources and to past food pyramid resources.

Fraud and Nutrition Misinformation

Sound too good to be true? Find tips for spotting suspicious health claims and links for checking out myths and misinformation.

BMI Calculator Interactive Tools

Assess and plan diets, check personal health risks, test knowledge, and evaluate needs.

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