Water and Fluid Needs

Fluid and Electrolytes

United States Department of Agriculture; Department of Health and Human Services.

Learn about the requirements for water, sodium, and potassium for optimal health.

Fluid Needs

Clemson University Extension.

Learn the benefits of drinking water and how fluid needs are determined as well as quick tips for increasing your consumption.

boy drinking milk Fluids

Iowa State University Extension.

Find out about the role fluids play in the body and the effect of dehydration especially in physical activity.

Food for Thought: Water, Water Everywhere

University of Illinois Extension.

For parents of preschool-age children, discusses the importance of water at exercise or play, and describes fun activities the child can do to learn about the need for water. Also provides recipes. Also in PDF|169.25 KB and in Spanish.

Water on Tap: What You Need to Know (PDF | 2.16 MB)

Environmental Protection Agency.

Explore where drinking water comes from and how to keep the water supply safe.

Water, Water, Everywhere (PDF | 152 KB)

East Carolina University. Brody School of Medicine. Department of Family Medicine.

How much water do you drink? Find out about your body's fluid requirements and determine if you are getting enough.

Water: The Nutrient

University of Nebraska Extension Service.

Explore water's role in the body's function and metabolism.