Antioxidants, Phytochemicals and Functional Foods

Functional Foods?

American Council on Science and Health.

Learn what the term functional foods means and how you can evaluate manufacture's claims for their products.

Functional Foods: Their Role in Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Institute of Food technologists; Nutriwatch.

Wondering about functional foods and where they are found? Read a review article and find research references.

Functional Foods Research in ARS (PDF | 1.91 MB)

USDA. Agricultural Research Service

This document gives an overview of functional foods, the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), and ARS's research activities related to functional foods.

What is the Role of Antioxidants in Health?

Columbia University. Go Ask Alice!

What is an antioxidant? Learn about the role of these compounds and how to add more of them to your diet.

Tomato Functional Foods Fact Sheet: Antioxidants

International Food Information Council Foundation.

Find out what antioxidants are and why there is so much interest in them.


Dole Food Company.

Learn about phytochemicals, where you get them, and why they are important to your health. Includes interactive charts to find phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables.

Water-Soluble Vitamins (PDF | 495 KB)

Colorado State University Extension.

Information on B-complex vitamins and vitamin C including common food sources, major functions, and deficiency symptoms.