Nutrient Composition of Foods

Tomato USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory (NDL)

USDA. Agricultural Research Service.

The Nutrient Data laboratory is responsible for developing the USDA's National Nutrient Database. Here, you can find information on the various nutrients in the foods you eat everyday.

"What's In The Foods You Eat" Search Tool

USDA. ARS. Food Surveys Research Group.

View nutrients for 13,000 foods commonly eaten in the US, with familiar portion sizes included for each food that can be adjusted by the user.

Home and Garden Bulletin 72 Nutritive Value of Foods, Home and Garden Bulletin No. 72 (HG-72)

USDA. ARS. Nutrient Data Laboratory.

Find information on over 1,274 foods expressed in terms of common household units. Published in 2002.


USDA. Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion.

Get quick access to food information including food groups and calories. Compare the nutrients in two foods.

Nutrition Information for Raw Fruits, Vegetables and Fish

U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Download posters that show nutrition information for the 20 most frequently consumed raw fruits, vegetables, and fish in the United States.

Oxalic Acid Content of Selected Vegetables

USDA. ARS. Nutrient Data Laboratory.

This table was originally published in Agriculture Handbook No. 8-11, Vegetables and Vegetable Products, 1984.

Food Composition Classics

USDA. ARS. Nutrient Data Laboratory.

Access older classic publications including Agriculture Handbooks No. 74 and No. 72, Sugar Content of Selected Foods, Selected Foods Containing Trans Fatty Acids, and more.