Cooking Resources For Kids

Food Safety & Nutrition Information for Kids and Teens

DHHS. Food and Drug Administration.

Games, education campaigns, and resources for students.

Fast Meals and Quick Snacks Recipe booklet Fast Meals & Quick Snacks (PDF | 1.5 MB)

California Nutrition Network for Healthy, Active Families.

Written for teens, this booklet provides all the information needed to plan, shop and cook meals and snacks.

Cooking Tips & Resources

Nemours Foundation.

Helps kids understand the basics of cooking, recipe selection, and meal planning.

Food Safety for Teen Cooks

Nemours Foundation. TeensHealth.

Teaches teens about avoiding foodborne illness in the kitchen when preparing meals.

Kids Can Cook - and Learning Is the Secret Ingredient! (PDF | 200 KB)

Penn State Cooperative Extension. Better Kid Care Program. Caring for Kids Newsletter.

Newsletter covering tips and ideas for cooking with young children, recipes, and age-appropriate kitchen skill activities.

Kids in the Kitchen

National Network For Child Care.

Help children learn to prepare meals. Lists food preparation activities appropriate for children 2-5.

Zis Boom Bah plate ZisBoomBah


Interactive tool that teaches kids to create healthy "virtual" meals with the help of a five-star nutrition rating score. Includes kid-friendly recipes.