Preteens & Teenagers

Take Charge of Your Health: A Guide for Teenagers!

DHHS. NIH. NIDDK. Weight-control Information Network.

Helps teenagers learn about their needs for good nutrition and physical activity. Also in PDF |9.85 KB.

What's the Right Weight for My Height

Nemours Foundation. TeensHealth.

Wondering if you are underweight or overweight? This resource discusses issues related to body type and how to find a healthy weight range for you.

MyPlate Images MyPlate for Children

USDA. Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion.

MyPlate materials designed specifically for children over 5. Younger kids (2-5) click here.

Alliance for a Healthier Generation: empowerME

American Heart Association; Clinton Foundation.

Entertaining, interactive site with video clips, games and more. Designed to help kids make healthy food choices and keep active.

Media-Smart Youth: Eat, Think, and Be Active!

DHHS. NIH. National Institute of Child Health & Human Development.

An interactive program to help 11 to 13-year olds think critically about how the media can affect food and physical activity choices.

Helping Kids Fight Obesity: Best Online Info Sources (PDF | 778 KB)

USDA. Agricultural Research Service.

A review of the best Web resources that help kids avoid obesity by encouraging healthy habits and behaviors.

Get Facts On Eating Disorders (PDF | 38 KB)

National Eating Disorders Association.

American Diabetes Association logo American Diabetes Association For Parents & Kids

American Diabetes Association.

For parents and children, this site has a wealth of information on diabetes management in kids and teens.

Logo of the Milk Matters Campaign Milk Matters

DHHS. NIH. National Institute of Child Health & Human Development.

Learn why calcium is important for tweens and teens and how to make sure you get enough in your diet.

Teen BEAT - Basic Exercise & Activity Tracker

Dairy Council of California. Healthy Eating Made Easier.

Helps adolescents determine physical activity levels.

MedlinePlus: Teen Health

DHHS. NIH. National Library of Medicine.

Links to latest news in teen health as well as numerous other sources of information on child and teen health.

TeensHealth - Is a Vegetarian Diet Right for Me?

Nemours Foundation. TeensHealth.

Covers basics about vegetarian diets and related issues of interest to teens.

Is Dieting OK for Kids?

Nemours Foundation. KidsHealth.

Article for kids about what dieting is and if they should do it.

Fuel Up to Play 60 Fuel Up to Play 60

National Dairy Council; National Football League; United States Department of Agriculture.

Fuel Up to Play 60 empowers youth to take action to improve nutrition and physical activity at their school and for their own health.

SuperKids Nutrition

SuperKids Nutrition, Inc.

Provides nutrition tips and tools for children and families. Includes resources for tweens & teens.

A Parent and Teenager Guide to Vegetarianism (PDF | 1.2 MB)

Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom.

Quiz for Teens with Diabetes

DHHS. NIH. National Diabetes Education Program.