Diet and Disease

Collage of Common Food Allergens Allergies and Food Sensitivities

Find general food allergy resources and information on a variety of specific allergies and sensitivities, including egg, fish, nut, soy, wheat, milk allergies and lactose intolerance.


Provides information as well as coping strategies related to AIDS/HIV; covers drug/nutrient interactions, wasting syndrome, exercise, and offers food safety guidance.

Colorful fruits and vegetables Cancer

Focuses on nutrition's role in cancer and provides information about prevention, as well as dietary guidance for patients and survivors. Includes information on cancer-related organizations, research and publications.


Resources include general information on diabetes, carbohydrate counting, children and diabetes, exchange lists, gestational diabetes, diabetes organizations, prevention and more...

Digestive Diseases and Disorders

Find information about digestive system structure/function and a variety of diseases and available treatments.

Eating disorders book cover Eating Disorders

Includes general information on eating disorders and resources for anorexia nervosa and bulimia, binge eating, exercise and eating disorders, teens and eating disorders, and educational resources.

Heart Health

Provides resources and information on cardiovascular diseases, dietary modifications, including the National Cholesterol Education Program, and ethnic and cultural heart health education materials.

Three generations of women Osteoporosis

Information on osteoporosis, prevention resources and links to organizations active in osteoporosis awareness and risk reduction. Special emphasis given to resources related to nutrition and osteoporosis.

Weight issues Weight and Obesity

Treatment and prevention guidelines, childhood obesity, weight control program evaluation, and practical on-line weight control assistance resources. Includes information on the non-diet approach and links to obesity and weight organizations.

yellow questions image Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions by exploring FAQs from categories such as Diet and Disease, Dietary Guidance, Food Composition, Food Labeling, Weight Management, and more.