List Guidelines and Procedures


While we encourage open and casual exchanges among the listserv members, we request that members maintain a courteous tone at all times. Replies of a personal nature should not be sent to the group. Please include your name and affiliation in all posted messages, as this will be of interest to the other listserv members.

Note: Occasionally there will be messages that are of an inflammatory, non-evidenced based nature. The best way to deal with these messages is to delete them without responding. Senders of such messages are just looking for a response. If no such response is forthcoming, they usually move on.

Sending Messages

The e-mail address of the discussion group is: Please use descriptive Subject: headings so that subscribers can judge whether to read the posting or not.

Please note that the listserv does not accept attachments.

FDPIR NutritionTalk Archived Messages

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FDPIR List Guidelines and Procedures Intro

The FDPIR NutritionTalk e-mail listserv is a networking and communication tool for those associated with the food and nutrition education components of the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR).

The following details criteria for joining this listserv, basic courtesies expected, and information on sending messages, subscribing, or unsubscribing. Please review this information carefully.

FDPIR Subscription Criteria

Subscription Criteria

Subscribers to the FDPIR NutritionTalk Listserv must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Work in some capacity for FDPIR.
  • Coordinate, develop, or provide food, food safety, health, or nutrition education to Native Americans, particularly those participating in FDPIR.
  • Represent an organization that addresses Native American health and nutrition issues.
  • Conduct research focusing on food, nutrition, food safety, and/or health issues for Native Americans.

FDPIR No Advertising or Marketing

No Advertising or Marketing

FDPIR NutritionTalk is not an appropriate means of advertising or promoting specific products. Members may not advertise a product/service from which they stand to have a financial gain. Persons advertising on FDPIR NutritionTalk will be removed immediately from the listserv. Please contact the FDPIR NutritionTalk list owner if you are not sure if your message is promotional in nature.