Food History Resources

African American Dietary Patterns at the Beginning of the 20th Century

Journal of Nutrition.

Documents the differences in eating patterns of African Americans in rural and metropolitan areas.

Food Timeline

Historical Information on Food.

Places foods and recipes on a timeline.

Food History Lessons

The Food Timeline.

A Teacher's Resource on food history.

History of Food in Space

National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Provides information about food usage in the Space Program.

History of Frozen Foods

American Frozen Food Institute.

Provides a timeline of historical information from the 1930's to today.

Nutrition Education in U.S. Medical Schools - Historical Perspective

NAP. Food and Nutrition Board.

Provides information on the historical role of nutrition and disease prevention. 1985.

Nutrition History

Vanderbilt Medical Center.

Includes monographs on history of nutrition from 15th to the 20th century.

Special Collections: Peacock-Harper Culinary Collection

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Virginia Tech Library.

Collection of cookbooks and related culinary reference items.

FDA logo Overview and History of FDA


Provides a gateway to information on the history of FDA.