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Find electronic discussion groups devoted to nutrition, cooking, food service and nutrition assistance programs. For additional forums, see blogs.

Information posted on these lists do not reflect the views or policies of the United States Department of Agriculture.

FNIC Listservs

Children tugging rope CACFP-Summertalk

USDA. NAL. Healthy Meals Resource System.

An on-line, interactive discussion group for State agencies and institutions participating in the USDA's Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) and Summer Food Service Program (SFSP).

FNIC Nutrition Talk

USDA. NAL. Food and Nutrition Information Center.

FNIC Nutrition Talk is an email list for nutrition and health professionals, educators, and government personnel to receive updates and announcements from FNIC regarding the latest nutrition information, tools, and resources. Much like the FNIC website, FNIC Nutrition Talk will keep you up-to-date on food and human nutrition.

Image from the Old Healthy School Meals Web Site Mealtalk

USDA. NAL. Healthy Meals Resource System.

Mealtalk is an e-mail discussion group intended as a communication tool to link the professionals who are operating the Child Nutrition Programs, such as the National School Lunch Program and the Child and Adult Care Food Program, so that they can share resources, information and innovative solutions to common day-to-day problems.


USDA. NAL. Healthy Meals Resource System.

An e-mail discussion group intended as a communication tool to link school health professionals, child nutrition educators, principals, teachers, parents and community members who are interested in creating a healthy school nutrition environment. Members can share success stories, resources, information and innovative program ideas that encourage healthy eating and physical activity habits.

Non-FNIC Listservs

FDA Listservs

DHHS. Food and Drug Administration.

A list of free email discussion groups.

Food & Nutrition Professionals Who Educate the Public (FNSPEC)

Purdue University.

Allows food and nutrition professionals to exchange information and resources related to issues of interest to the general public.

Public Health Nutrition Discussion and Information Group

University of Washington.

Provides discussion and exchange of information among professionals who provide public health nutrition services, and other interested parties.

NutriInfo Listserv

World Health Organization. Pan American Health Organization.

Listserv is in Spanish only.