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Published Articles from USDA ARS National Program 108: Food Safety

Provides an updated list of food safety publications from the ARS Food Safety National Program (NP 108). Click on the title to find the abstract or full-text article. View pending publications from this program.

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Foodborne Campylobacter: Infections, metabolism, pathogenesis and resorvoirs

Epps SV, Harvey RB, Hume ME, Phillips TD, Anderson RC, Nisbet DJ.
Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2013 Nov 26;10(12):6292-304.

The need for agriculture phenotyping: "Moving from genotype to phenotype"

Boggess MV, Lippolis JD, Hurkman WJ, Fagerquist CK, Briggs SP, Gomes AV, Righetti PG, Bala K.
J Proteomics. 2013 Nov 20;93:20-39.
Viewing Page: 8 of 46  Displaying Records: 71 - 80 of 453