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Title: Construction of Listeria monocytogenes mutants with in-frame deletions in the Phosphotransferase Transport System (PTS) and analysis of their growth under stress conditions
Authors: Liu Y, Ceruso M, Jiang Y, Datta AR, Carter L, Strain E, Pepe T, Anastasi A, Fratamico PM
Journal: J Food Sci
Accepted date: 2013 May 24
Interpretive summary: The bacterium, Listeria monocytogenes, is an important food-borne pathogen that causes disease in humans and animals. L. monocytogenes is difficult to eliminate since it can form a biofilm (a complex aggregation of microorganisms growing on a solid substrate). Proteins that belong to the Phosphotransferase Transport System (PTS) are responsible for sugar transport in L. monocytogenes. To understand how these transporters behave under different food-related stress conditions, genes that encode for one of the PTSs were deleted from the bacterial genome forming what are referred to as mutant strains. The growth of these mutant strains was tested under different stress conditions. Our results showed that some of these mutant strains grew differently under different stress conditions. Information from this study enhances the understanding of PTS in L. monocytogenes under stress conditions and identified target genes that may potentially be exploited in the development of intervention strategies to control the pathogen in food and the environment.
Publication date: 2013 Sep
Volume: 78
Issue: 9
Pages: M1392-8