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Title: Evaluating manure release parameters for nonpoint contaminant transport model KINEROS2/STWIR
Authors: Guber A, Pachepsky YA, Dao TH, Shelton DR, Sadeghi AM
Journal: Ecol Model
Accepted date: 2013 May 15
Interpretive summary: Microbiological quality of non-potable surface waters can affect human health, since these waters are used for recreational purposes and for irrigation of fresh produce. Animal waste and manures are potential sources of pathogenic microorganisms which can be released and transported with overland and infiltration to surface waters. Consequently, one factor in evaluating the risks of surface water microbial pollution, is an understanding of how microbes are released from animal waste under rainfall. Existing release models-rely on assumed, rather than observed, time series of microbe concentrations to estimate release rates. We used actual time series of concentrations measured in our multi-year experiments, and established a microbial release model that appears to be very robust and reliable. Results of this work will be useful in environmental predictions of microbial quality of waters in that they substantially improve the accuracy of estimating microbial loads.
Publication date: 2013 Aug 10
Volume: 263
Pages: 126-38