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Title: A two-dimensional proteome map of the aflatoxigenic fungus Aspergillus flavus
Authors: Pechanova O, Pechan T, Rodriguez J, Williams WP, Brown A
Journal: Proteomics
Accepted date: 2013 Feb 22
Interpretive summary: Aspergillus flavus is a widely distributed fungal pathogen that infects corn and other important agricultural commodities and contaminates them with aflatoxins. Aflatoxins are highly toxic and pose a serious health hazard to animals and humans when contaminated food and feed are consumed. Aflatoxins also have carcinogenic effects. The field of filamentous fungal proteomics is relatively young; however, several studies have been reported for Aspergilli. Proteomic studies of A. flavus are now facilitated by the availability of its genomic sequence. From the results of proteomic studies, we present the first proteome profile and 2-D proteome reference map of the whole cell mycelial extract of A. flavus wild-type strain NRRL 3357. The description of A. flavus proteome provides insight into its basic biology and a basis for future proteomic investigations. These investigations are important in understanding the associations between A. flavus and its plant hosts and ultimately in reducing aflatoxin contamination of food crops such as corn.
Publication date: 2013 May
Volume: 13
Issue: 9
Pages: 1513–8