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Title: Aspergillus flavus VelB acts distinctly from VeA in conidiation and may coordinate with FluG to modulate sclerotial production
Authors: Chang P, Scharfenstein LL, Li P, Ehrlich K
Journal: Fungal Genet Biol
Accepted date: 2013 Aug 18
Interpretive summary: The carcinogenic aflatoxin produced by the yellow green mold Aspergillus flavus is tightly linked to fungal differentiation. To better understand molecular mechanisms that regulate the processes, we knocked out two genes that are known to control light-dependent production of spores and secondary metabolites in other fungi. Impairment of these genes severely decreased spore production in the dark and also abolished aflatoxin formation regardless of illumination conditions. This information, used along with other preventive strategies, may help to reduce aflatoxin contamination of crops in the field.
Publication date: 2013 Sep
Volume: 58-59
Pages: 71-9