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Title: Use of cyclodextrin-based polymer for patulin analysis in apple juice
Authors: Shirasawa T, Ueda M, Appell MD, Goto T
Journal: Mycotoxins
Accepted date: 2012 Dec 3
Interpretive summary: An improved method to detect the natural toxin patulin in apple juice was developed using a specially designed material to isolate the toxin for analysis. Patulin is an important natural toxin produced by fungi that contaminate agricultural commodities and is most frequently found in apple products. Apple juice is a popular beverage marketed for children. The common method for accurate determination of patulin in apple juice is time-consuming and labor intensive. This study reports a new detection method using a special carbohydrate material that enables rapid and accurate determination of patulin in apple juice at levels regulated by many governments. This research is important to scientists looking for robust materials to improve detection of small molecule toxins and accurate methods to detect patulin.
Publication date: 2013
Volume: 63
Issue: 1
Pages: 1-8