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Title: Lack of Norovirus Replication and Histo-Blood Group Antigen Expression in 3-Dimensional Intestinal Epithelial Cells
Authors: Herbst-Kralovets MM, Radtke AL, Lay MK, Bolick AN, Sarker SS, Kingsley DH, Arntzen CJ, Estes MK, Nickerson C
Journal: Emerg Infect Diseases
Accepted date: 2012 Dec 14
Interpretive summary: Noroviruses, the leading cause of gastroenteritis and foodborne illnesses, have not been successfully cultured in the laboratory and there are no practical lab animals for study of these viruses. An initial report by Straub et al. (Emerg. Infect. Dis 13:396-403) suggested that norovirus could be cultured using a rotating 3D bioreactor system and the intestinal epithelial cell line, INT407. This publication describes efforts to replicate the initial report of Straub et al. and finds that norovirus does not replicate in this system. This conclusion is based on the lack of increased norovirus observed after introducing the virus to this culture system and the lack of detectable norovirus receptors (histoblood group antigens). The previous results obtained by Straub et al. are attributed to endotoxins present in the virus preparation.
Publication date: 2013 Mar
Volume: 19
Issue: 3
Pages: 431-8