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Title: Redescription of Sarcocystis fusiformis sarcocysts from the water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)
Authors: Dubey J, Hilali M, Van Wilpeerna, Verma S, Calero-Bernal R, Adel-Wahab A
Journal: Parasitology
Accepted date: 2014 Jun 16
Interpretive summary: Sarcocystis and Toxoplasma are closely related, single celled parasites that share common hosts. Some species of Sarcocystis are zoonotic and of public health concerns. Recently, human volunteers who ate raw buffalo meat became sick. Cattle and buffaloes harbor multiple species of Sarcocystis, but there is considerable confusion concerning the identity of some ot these species. In the present report,scientists from ARS, in collaboration with scientists from Africa, redescribe the morphology of one of the Sarcocystis species in buffaloes. The results will be of interest to biologists and parasitologists.
Publication date: 2014 Aug