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Title: Desirability of oysters treated by high pressure processing at different temperatures and elevated pressures
Authors: Kingsley D, Kuhn D, Flick G, Oh J, Lawson L, Meade G, Giescke C
Journal: Am J Food Technol
Accepted date: 2014 Mar 20
Interpretive summary: Commercial HPP is performed at 275-300 MPa, or about 45,000 psi, both to separate oyster and clam meat from its shell and as a nonthermal intervention for pathogenic vibrio bacteria. Previous research has shown that pressures greater than 60,000 psi can inactivate foodborne viruses within shellfish meat. In this study, we examine the feasibility of applying increased pressure to shellfish in terms of potential taste and texture changes. We find that additional pressure does not substantially affect the taste and texture of oysters. Overall this study suggests that higher pressures can be used as an intervention for human norovirus and hepatitis A virus, without impacting consumer acceptance of raw oysters.
Publication date: 2014
Volume: 9
Issue: 4
Pages: 209-16