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Title: Development of a two-step, multiplex SYBR green quantitative PCR (MSG qPCR)assay for the rapid detection of vibrio anguillarum from seawater
Authors: Hickey M, Richards G, Lee JL
Journal: J Fish Dis
Accepted date: 2014 Apr 23
Interpretive summary: A marine bacterium known as Vibrio anguillarum causes illness and death in a variety of fish in both aquaculture and natural settings. An improved method was developed to detect V. anguillarum in seawater. The method is more rapid, sensitive and specific than other methods and relies on the detection of DNA corresponding to specific genes found in V. anguillarum. This test can detect as few as five V. anguillarum per ml of seawater in 80 min compared to cultural methods which take 3 days. Rapid detection of V. anguillarum in aquaculture facilities is critical for effective treatment of infected fish in order to reduce mortalities.
Publication date: 2014 Jul 12