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Title: Fumonisin biomarkers in maize eaters and implications for human disease
Authors: Van Der Westhuizen L, Shephard GS, Gelderblom WA, Torres O, Riley RT
Journal: World Mycotoxin J
Accepted date: 2013 Jul 4
Interpretive summary: Fumonisins (FB) are toxic chemicals produced by a mold found in corn. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the use of various biochemicals in urine and blood (biomarkers) as a means for determining indirectly how much fumonisin was consumed by individuals and whether or not the fumonisins consumed had any effect. The results of the evaluation show that fumonisin in urine can be used to indirectly assess internal exposure to fumonisin. The results also support the use of urinary fumonisin B1 to assess ongoing exposure in population based studies and conclude that the urinary fumonisin B1 biomarker could contribute considerably in assessing the adverse health impact of fumonisin exposure.
Publication date: 2013 Aug
Volume: 6
Issue: 3
Pages: 223-32