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Title: Potential bioactivity and association of 17ß-estradiol with the dissolved and colloidal fractions of manure and soil
Authors: Chambers K, Casey F, Hakk H, Desutter T, Shappell N
Journal: Sci Total Environ
Accepted date: 2014 Jun 27
Interpretive summary: Estrogens are constantly being eliminated by production animals. Our previous laboratory studies demonstrated that estrogens should be readily bound to the organic matter of most soils or animal wastes, however, these endocrine disrupting compounds are commonly found in surface and groundwater. We wanted to test if the estrogens eliminated from animals were transported through soil associated with either dissolved organic matter or particulates in water. If true, this would explain estrogen transport into surface and groundwater. In laboratory studies, we added estrogen to soluble and/or particulate fractions of manure and/or agricultural soils saturated with water and studied the fate and biological activity of estrogen. Consistent with our theory, estrogen readily partitioned into both the organics-ladened water fraction and the water-borne particulate fraction. However, only the organics-ladened water fraction maintained biological activity as measured by its affinity for the estrogen receptor. Our findings suggest that water transport of estrogens into surface and groundwater following manure application and rainfall is a likely mechanism.
Publication date: 2014 Oct 1
Volume: 494-5
Pages: 58-64