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Title: Thermal processing of acidified foods with pH 4.1 to pH 4.6
Authors: Breidt F, Kay K, Osborne J, Ingham B, Arritt F
Journal: Food Prot Trends
Accepted date: 2014 Jan 24
Interpretive summary: For producers of acidified foods, the Food and Drug Administration requires that a scheduled process be submitted to the agency. This filing must be returned for commercial production of acidified foods, according to acidified foods regulations 21 CFR part 114. The process filings must have scientific data to show that the product is free of bacteria that can cause human disease, some of which are acid resistant. The research has shown time and temperature conditions needed to assure safety for thermal processing of acidified foods with pH values of up to 4.6, the upper pH limit for acidified food products. These data expand on previous published results for products with a pH of 4.1 or below. This work fills a critical gap in the scientific knowledge about the safe processing of these products. The results can be used by processors for FDA filings, and will assure safe production practices.
Publication date: 2014 May
Volume: 34
Issue: 3
Pages: 132-8