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Title: Antibody interactions with Ricinus communis agglutinins studied by biolayer interferometry
Authors: Brandon DL, Adams L, Yang LL, Korn AM
Journal: Anal Lett
Accepted date: 2014 Jan 11
Interpretive summary: Castor beans are an important agricultural crop, used to make castor oil, an industrial lubricant. Ricin is a highly toxic protein that remains in the solids after oil is extracted from castor beans. Ricin has been used for intentional poisoning, and there is a need for methods to detect ricin in food to ensure a safe food supply. Many tests for detecting foodborne toxins utilize antibody-based methodology. In this paper we describe the use of an advanced technology to characterize the binding of antibodies to ricin toxin and related molecules. This method is known as biolayer interferometry and uses disposable dip-and-read sensors that detect the shifting pattern of light in response to molecular binding. By characterizing toxin-binding antibodies in this way, we can expect to improve food immunodiagnostic methods.
Publication date: 2014 Mar 5