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Title: Effects of in-plant interventions on reduction of enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli and background indicator microorganisms on veal calf hides
Authors: Wang R, Koohmaraie M, Luedtke BE, Wheeler TL, Bosilevac JM
Journal: J Food Prot
Accepted date: 2013 Dec 9
Interpretive summary: Pathogenic E. coli in veal have recently been recognized as a problem. Since hides are considered to be the principal source of carcass contamination and hide interventions have been shown to be very efficacious in the control of E. coli in beef processing plants, hide-directed interventions have been implemented in several veal processing plants to mitigate contamination. We evaluated the effectiveness of three different hide interventions employed at veal processing plants: A) manual curry comb of hide to loosen visible contamination followed by a water rinse; B) application of 200 ppm chlorine followed by hot-water rinse; C) a 5-minute treatment with chlorine foam then rinsed with 180-200 ppm acidified sodium chlorite. The results indicate that the most effective veal hide intervention was the application of 200 ppm chlorine followed by hot-water rinse. These results provide options that veal processors can consider in their pathogen control program.
Publication date: 2014 May
Volume: 77
Issue: 5
Pages: 745-51