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Title: MEAT SCIENCE AND MUSCLE BIOLOGY SYMPOSIUM: Ecological and dietary impactors of foodborne pathogens and methods to reduce fecal shedding in cattle
Authors: Callaway TR, Edrington TS, Nisbet DJ
Journal: J Anim Sci
Accepted date: 2013 Dec 14
Interpretive summary: Cattle can have foodborne pathogenic bacteria in and on them, which can be transmitted to human consumers. If we can reduce foodborne pathogens in the animal, we can make processing plants more effective at reducing pathogens and improve human health and food safety. A variety of strategies under development or in use are discussed. A multiple-hurdle approach is seen as the most likely to maximize the improvement in human health.
Publication date: 2014 Apr
Volume: 92
Issue: 4
Pages: 1356-65