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Title: Complete genome sequence of the clinical Campylobacter coli isolate 15-537360
Authors: Pearson BM, Rokney A, Crossman LC, Miller WG, Wain J, Van Vliet AH
Journal: Genome Announc
Accepted date: 2013 Nov 15
Interpretive summary: Campylobacter coli, along with the related campylobacter Campylobacter jejuni, cause a large number of cases of human bacterial gastroenteritis. Although the chromosomal DNA sequences of several C. coli and C. jejuni strains have been determined, all of the C. coli chromosomal DNA sequences determined to date have been from agricultural isolates. The chromosomal sequence of C. coli strain 15-537360 is thus the first from a human clinical isolate and will greatly assist in the understanding of the role C. coli plays in human disease. Comparisons of the 15-537360 sequence and those already determined indicate a high level of similarity between the gene content of the various strains, although some differences were noted.
Publication date: 2013
Volume: 1
Issue: 6
Pages: e01056-13