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Title: Experimental transmission of Sarcocystis muris (Apicomplexa): Sarcocystidae from the feces of a naturally infected feral cat (Felis catus) to immunocompetent and immunocompromised mice
Authors: Kappany A, Abu-Elwafa S, Hilali M, Rosenthal B, Dunams D, Dubey JP
Journal: J Parasitol
Accepted date: 2013 Jun 11
Interpretive summary: Toxoplasma and Sarcocystis are genera of single celled parasites of livestock and humans. Cats act as transmitting agents (definitive hosts) for some species of these parasites. Cats become infected by eating infected tissues carrying these parasites and the livestock and humans become infected by ingesting food and water contaminated by cat feces containing environmentally resistant stages. The authors found for the first time Sarcocystis muris paradsite in the feces of a naturally infected cat for the first time. These results will be of interest to parasitologists and biologists.
Publication date: 2013
Volume: 99
Issue: 6
Pages: 997-1001