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Title: Effects of broiler feed medications on Salmonella
Authors: Volkova VV, Hubbard SA, Magee DL, Byrd Ii JA, Bailey RH, Wills RW
Journal: Avian Dis
Accepted date: 2013 May 1
Interpretive summary: A study was conducted to gain information from 52 commercial chicken houses located in the Southeastern U.S. from 2003-2006. Each group of chickens was sampled for the food poisoning bacteria, Salmonella, one week before they were transported to the slaughter facility, upon arrival at the slaughter facility, and during slaughter. The chicken bedding material was sampled on the day the birds were harvested. The feed programs, including the medications delivered in feed, were surveyed with questionnaires completed by commercial chicken managers and feedmill managers. Each detail of the feeding program was tested for association with the occurrence of Salmonella in the birds at each sampling point. Identified differences were found between Salmonella occurrence in the chicken groups pre- and post-harvest, the feed containing individual anti-parasite compounds and other antimicrobial growth promoters, days on feed, and total consumption of feeds containing these products, as well as with practices such as physical characteristics of the feed and a non-medicated feed. The results of the study provide information on how broiler chicken feed may affect the occurrence of Salmonella in commercial chicken houses.
Publication date: 2013 Sep
Volume: 57
Issue: 3
Pages: 640-4