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Title: Effects of dietary supplementation of a commercial prebiotic on survival, growth, immune responses, and gut microbiota of the Pacific white shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei
Authors: Anuta JD, Buentello A, Patnaik S, Hume ME, Mustafa A, Gatlin Iii DM, Lawrence AL
Journal: Aquacult Res
Accepted date: 2013 May 13
Interpretive summary: A feeding study was conducted to evaluate growth, bacterial populations of the intestine, and immune system responses of shrimp fed diets containing a commercial prebiotic. At the end of the study, differences in weight gain and survival among study groups were not significant. However, the use of a molecular technique, denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis, revealed that the bacterial communities in the intestine changed significantly as affected by the presence of the prebiotic in the feed. Therefore, the prebiotic was able to modify the bacterial communities in the intestine. In addition, shrimp fed the prebiotic had a greater immune system response than shrimp not fed the prebiotic. Although in the present experiment shrimp were not exposed to virulent pathogens, the positive immune system response in shrimp fed the prebiotic suggests that an improved response to a real pathogen infection would be anticipated in the prebiotic-fed shrimp. This study is of importance and interest to shrimp aquaculture researchers and producers.
Publication date: 2011 Dec
Volume: 42
Issue: 6
Pages: 834-44