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Title:Food Irradiation: Ensuring Your Food's Safety
Producer:Purdue University School of Consumer and Family Sciences
Description:Designed to educate consumers on the safety and regulation of food irradiation. Contains a Teaching Program Outline, Teaching Checklist, Program Activities, Powerpoint Presentation, Videotape Presentation, Handouts, a Glossary, and Pre-Program and Post-Program Evaluation forms.

To download the power point presentation: Visit Website.

Topic:Standards and Guidelines
Format/Pub. Year:Curriculum (2003)
Contact Information:
 Purdue University School of Consumer and Family Sciences
Media Distribution Center- Purdue University
231 S. University Street
West Layfayette, IN 47907-2094
Cost:Free, or order hard copy materials for $25 or $15
How To Order:To order the companion video: "Food Irradiation: Behind the Headlines" for $25 or a lesson plan CD for $15, visit the website and fill out the order form by clicking HERE.
Avail. Online:

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