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Title:Hands On: Real World Lessons for Middle School Classrooms
Producer:Richards, J. R. - University of Tennessee
Description:Developed as a tool to educate middle school students in essential food safety information. These lessons contain research-based, highly effective instructional strategies organized into lesson plans, student labs, and hands-on activities to be taught in all subject areas for approximately one week.

Teachers of all subjects work together. The interdisciplinary lessons allow students to build on food safety concepts from all subjects, thus improving knowledge and retention.

Resources available for students, educators, parents, and extension educators.

Topic:Hand Washing
Preparation and Handling
Pathogens and Contaminants
Format/Pub. Year:Curriculum (2009)
Contact Information:
 Richards, J. R. - University of Tennessee
Department of Food Science and Technology
2509 River Drive
Knoxville, TN 37996
Telephone:(865) 946-1089
Fax:(865) 974-2750;
Avail. Online:
Grant Number:2008-51110-04354

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