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Title:Food Safety and Selection at the Farmer's Market
Producer:University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension in Lancaster County
Description:Begins with covering the benefits about farmer's markets. The second portion of the presentation discusses the benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and gives information about serving sizes, and nutritional benefits. The third segment, food safety, gives the consumer important information about picking produce, handling food, and preparing food to minimize food safety hazards. The final portion discusses what the consumer to expect while shopping at a farmers market (e.g. bring cash or coupons for produce, bring bags or baskets while shopping, and arrive early).
Topic:Preparation and Handling
Produce and Juice
Format/Pub. Year:Presentation (2003)
Contact Information:
 University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension in Lancaster County
444 Cherrycreek Road, Ste. A
Lincoln, NE 68528
Avail. Online:

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