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Title:Smart Kids Fight BAC!
Producer:University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service
Description:Uses the Fight BAC! Messages to teach food safety principles to children. The video and guides use animation to keep them interesting to children. One set of activity books and teaching guides is for children in kindergarten and first grade; the other set is for children in the second and third grade.
In the video, Mrs. Terkel's class at Smart Elementary School gets sick after going on a picnic. To the chagrin (and disgusted delight) of their classmates, they get sick right there in school! The drama class decides to teach the whole school about food safety by putting on a play in four acts. Each act focuses on one of the four key Fight BAC!® messages: clean, separate, cook, and chill. With that pesky BAC! Character surfacing in each act, a hero character comes in to save the day and teach the kids how to Fight BAC!®
Topic:Preparation and Handling
Format/Pub. Year:Kits (2001)
Contact Information:
 University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service
Hoke Smith Annex
Room 204
Athens, GA 30602-4356
Cost:Not Free, $40.00
How To Order:Order Form on page 7.
Also available through NAL's InterLibrary Loan Program. Request Library Materials
NAL Call Number:Videocassette no.3046
Grant Number:CSREES 99-41560-0815

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