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Title:Safe Food and You
Producer:Purdue University
Description:Designed for pregnant adolescents and adults, parents of preschoolers with their children, and preschoolers in a group. It uses the Fight Bac! Concepts of Clean, Separate, Cook and Chill. It also focuses on preventing listeriosis and on hand washing with young children. Includes CD with handwashing songs, lesson plans, activity pages, and handouts.
Topic:Hand Washing
Audience:Childcare Providers
Pregnant Women
Format/Pub. Year:Curriculum (2001)
Non-English Availability:Spanish
Contact Information:
 Purdue University
Purdue University
231 S. University Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2094
Cost:Not Free, $45.00 in English, $5.00 in Spanish (includes handouts only)
How To Order:Mail, fax, or call. Order Numbers: English-CFS-720 and Spanish-CFS-270S. Also available through NAL's InterLibrary Loan Program. Request Library Materials
NAL Call Number:Kit no. 398
Avail. Online:
Grant Number:USDA Food Safety and Quality Initiative

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