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Title:Handle with Care: Keeping You Child's Formula, Expressed Breast Milk and Food Germ-Free
Producer:Rutgers Cooperative Extension
Description:The information provided uses the principals of Fight BAC to address the care of infants and young children. Posters are available for download as well as PDF's which review safety hazards preventative procedures and food safety for these young children.
Topic:Preparation and Handling
Audience:Childcare Providers
Pregnant Women
Format/Pub. Year:Brochure (2001)
Other Format:Posters (1999)
Contact Information:
 Rutgers Cooperative Extension
Dept. Of Family &Consumer Sciences
How To Order:Several informative PDF's including Keep Your Child's Food Safe, Keeping Break Milk Germ-Free, Keeping Baby's Formula Germ-Free.
Avail. Online:
Web Address (2):
Grant Number:CSREES #XX-EFSF-0-3000

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