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Title:Ken McKan the Food Safety Man
Producer:Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service
Description:Originally designed for emergency feeding programs, the Ken McKan series consists of five videos - a focus on diversity, hand washing, time and temperature control, evaluating incoming foods, and nutritional necessities during life. The sixth video is a Spanish translation of Nutritional Necessities During Life.
Topic:Hand Washing
Preparation and Handling
Format/Pub. Year:Video - VHS (1997)
Contact Information:
 Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service
Purdue University
1264 Stone Hall
West Lafayette, IN 47904-1264
Cost:Free with Restrictions
How To Order:Available through NAL's InterLibrary Loan Program. Request Library Materials
NAL Call Number:Time and Temperature: Videocassette no. 2870
Hand washing: Videocassette no. 2868
Food Evaluation: Videocassette no. 2869
Grant Number:Extension project 96-EFSQ-1-4167

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Last Modified: Dec 21, 2011