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Title:Quality for Keeps: Home Food Preservation
Producer:University of Missouri Extension
Description:This curriculum outlines 6 sessions of ‘hands-on’ workshop experiences designed to raise the skill and confidence of patrons who want to preserve food for the first time or who want to ‘begin again’ canning and freezing home produce. The 6 sessions are:
  • Harvest & Storage Session
  • Canning Vegetables (Pressure Canning) Session
  • Pickles Session
  • Salsa Session
  • Sweet Spreads Session
  • Freezing/Drying session
This resource's publication number is CB20.

Topic:Food Preservation
Format/Pub. Year:Curriculum (2011)
Contact Information:
 University of Missouri Extension
2800 Maguire Blvd
Columbia, MO 65211
Telephone:1 (800) 292-0969
Cost:Not Free, $35.00
How To Order:Visit Website
Also available through NAL's InterLibrary Loan Program. Request Library Materials
NAL Call Number:TX599

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