Research Reports and Tools

America's Children: Key National Indicators of Well-Being

The Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics.

Find a forum on child and family statistics, including the most recent report on children, America's Children: Key National Indicators of Well-Being (PDF|3.13 MB).

School Health Reports and Studies

USDA. NAL. Healthy Meals Resource System.

Access reports and studies that cover a variety of school health topics, including plate waste, health policies, and more.

Role of Nutrition in Learning and Behavior: A Resource List for Professionals (PDF | 343 KB)

USDA. NAL. Food and Nutrition Information Center.

Resource list designed to help professionals find information related to nutrition, learning and behavior in children.

Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System

DHHS. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Monitors six types of health-risk behaviors that contribute to the leading causes of death and disability among youth and adults.

Accelerated Weight Gain Among Children During Summer Versus School Year and Related Racial/Ethnic Disparities: A Systematic Review

DHHS. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Provides the results of a study that compiled and summarized research on weight gain by students during the summer compared to during the school year.

Farm to School Census

USDA. Food and Nutrition Service.

Provides a searchable database for data collected by the Farm to School Census.

Children's Nutrition Research Center

USDA. ARS. Baylor College of Medicine. Children's Nutrition Research Center.

An organization dedicated to researching the role of nutrition in prenatal and child development.


Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Provides access to state level data on the health status of children.