Family Resources

Let's Move!

The White House; Department of Health and Human Services; U.S. Department of Agriculture; Department of Education.

A nationwide campaign to tackle the challenge of childhood obesity by providing schools, parents, and communities with tools to help kids be active, eat better, and get healthy.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center to Prevent Childhood Obesity - Resources and Tools

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Provides a selection of key resources to help inform activities to improve children's and teens' access to nutritious foods in school and at home, as well as initiatives to increase opportunities for physical activity in school and the surrounding community.

Infant using a computer Nutrition for Infants and Toddlers

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Provides guidance for parents on choosing appropriate amounts and types of foods to feed their toddlers.

Kids Nutrition and Fitness Information for Parents

Nemours Foundation. KidsHealth for Parents.

Portion Size Versus Serving Size

American Heart Association

Toddler Nutrition and Health Resource List (PDF | 139)

USDA. NAL. Food and Nutrition Information Center.

A collection of resources on toddler nutrition and health issues, including food allergies, picky eaters, oral health, and physical activity.

Create Healthy, Active Celebrations cover Create Healthy, Active Celebrations (PDF | 4.85 MB)

USDA. Food and Nutrition Service.

Offers ideas to caregivers and parents for making healthy eating and physical activity part of special events and celebrations. Includes low-cost recipes, party themes, and tips on event planning. Part of the Eat Smart. Play Hard. program.

Nutrition for the School-Aged Child (PDF | 176 KB)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension.

SuperKids Nutrition

SuperKids Nutrition, Inc.

Provides nutrition tips and tools for children and families.

Kids and Their Bones: A Guide for Parents

DHHS. NIH. National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases.

Provides answers to commonly asked questions about children's bone growth and development. Also includes information on helping children eat more calcium rich foods.

Mom and children shopping KidsHealth: Vegetarianism

Nemours Foundation. KidsHealth.

Helps parents guide the nutritional habits of vegetarian children to ensure the adequacy of their diets.

Fruits & Veggies-More Matters™

DHHS. CDC. Produce for Better Health Foundation.

Comprehensive Web site of the Fruits & Veggies-More Matters™ health initiative, the 2007 national fruit and vegetable campaign. Includes a variety of online tools and resources such as the Mom2Mom message board, educational resources and cooking tips.

Nutrition Exploration - Kids' Games

National Dairy Council. Fuel Up to Play 60.

Features games that children can play to encourage healthy eating.

Children Playing Basketball Feeding Your Child Athlete

Nemours Foundation. KidsHealth for Parents.