Lifecycle Nutrition

Woman Eating Preconception Nutrition

Find resources that prepare women for pregnancy through an understanding of important dietary considerations and adequate nutrient intake.

Pregnant Woman Nutrition During Pregnancy

Find guidelines and resources for considering the nutrient needs of pregnant women. Please also see these pages for specific pregnancy resources:

Mother with Baby Nutrition During Lactation

Provides resources for understanding the nutrition recommendations for women who are lactating.

Infant Eating in a High Chair Infant Nutrition (0 Months to 1 Year Old)

Find information on feeding and nutrition support for infants, including clinical protocols and guidelines.. Please also see these pages for specific infant resources:

Child Eating Toddler Nutrition (1 to 3 Years Old)

Find information on nutrition for toddlers. Topics include age-appropriate snacks, vegetarian toddlers, and more.

Child Flying Preschool Nutrition (3 to 5 Years Old)

Find general information on preschool nutrition. Please also see these pages for specific preschool resources:

Physical Education Class Teen Nutrition (12 to 18 Years Old)

Find information on nutrition for teenagers. Topics include healthy eating, body image, and more.

Teens Nutrition at College

Find general information on eating healthy at college, including for students with food allergies, type 1 diabetes, and who are vegetarian. Please also see these pages for more specific resources:

Older woman with groceries Older Individuals

For and about seniors, find resources on healthy eating, nutritional challenges related to aging, food safety issues, Meals on Wheels and other assistance programs. Links to organizations focused on aging issues.