Food FYI


Find resources and links to information for a variety of foods and commodities, including many fruits and vegetables, grains, dried beans and lentils, eggs, nuts and seeds.

Produce Marketing Association

Produce Marketing Association.

Produce Marketing Association (PMA)
Not-for-profit global trade association serving more than 2,100 members who market fresh fruits, vegetables, and related products.

I Know Produce

Produce Marketing Association.

Provides information on over 1,500 varieties of fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs.

Tips on Choosing Produce and Keeping it Fresh...and Safe from Plant to Palate (PDF | 74KB)

North Dakota State University. Cooperative Extension Service.

Watch Your Garden Grow logo Watch Your Garden Grow

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. University of Illinois Extension. Urban Programs Resource Network.

Guide to growing, storing and preparing a variety of vegetables. Also in Spanish.

Live Well: Your Guide to Nutrient-Rich Eating

Nutrient Rich Foods Coalition.

Information on eatting the nutrient-rich way, based on nutrition guidelines from the United States Department of Agriculture and Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion's MyPyramid. How to get the most vitamins, minerals and other nutrients-but not too many calories-from the foods you choose.

United Fresh Produce Association

United Fresh Produce Association.

Provides information for commercial growers, shippers, processors, brokers, wholesalers and distributors of produce including industry news, legislative issues, food safety publications, etc.