Education Resources (books, brochures, videos)

Shapes: Body Image Program Planning Guide

State Government of Victoria, Australia. Department of Human Services. Victorian Government Health Information.

BodyWise logo BodyWise Handbook

DHHS. OWH. National Women's Health Information Center.

Handbook includes information on understanding disordered eating and eating disorders and key information for school personnel, plus more.

WIN the Rockies logo Picture Perfect

WIN the Rockies.

Lesson, with handouts; explores how attitude and self-image are related and helps students understand how the media provides false images of body perfection.

Dying to be Thin

Public Broadcasting System. WGBH Science Unit. NOVA Online.

Companion Web site to broadcast film, "Dying to Be Thin".

The Renfrew Center Foundation - Resources

The Renfrew Center Foundation.

Resources include educational flyers, posters, quizzes, books, videos, brochures, and more.