Looking to try something new or for healthier versions of old favorites? See below for healthy recipes and cooking tips. In addition, please see these sections for more information:

Add a Little Spice (& Herbs) to Your Life! (PDF | 475 KB)

University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension.

Experiment with herbs and spices to improve the flavor of your food. Learn how to use seasonings to reduce fat, sugar and sodium in your diet.

Families, Food and Fitness Interactive Spice Guide

Cooperative Extension System. eXtension Initiative.

A picture spice guide with foods to serve with each spice.

The AICR Test Kitchen

American Institute for Cancer Research.

Find healthy, tasty recipes that have been tested and approved by AICR staff.

Delicious Heart Healthy Recipes - Keep the Beat

DHHS. NIH. National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

Use these 100+ heart healthy recipes as well as healthy shopping and cooking tips.

What's Cooking? USDA Mixing Bowl

USDA. Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services.

Search for recipes to use that are compatible with the US Dietary Guidelines for Americans. They are economical and tasty, too.

Spend Smart. Eat Smart. Recipes & Snacks.

Iowa State University. University Extension.

Snack and recipe ideas including recipe demonstration videos.

Heart Healthy Home Cooking African American Style (PDF | 1.31 MB)

DHHS. NIH. National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

Recipe book brings together many favorite African American recipes that show how to reduce saturated fat, cholesterol, salt, and sodium and still have great-tasting food. Recipes include Spicy Southern Barbecued Chicken, Classic Macaroni and Cheese and Sweet Potato Pie.

High Altitude Food Preparation Guide

Colorado State University Cooperative Extension.

Learn about various methods of food preparation at high altitudes.

Ducks Care and Cookery of Game

North Dakota State University Extension Service.

Learn about preparing, storing, and cooking with Game and Fish. Also includes information on nutrition and recipes.

Commodity Food Fact Sheets & Recipes

USDA. Food and Nutrition Service.

Provides nutrition information and recipes for commodity fruits and vegetables used in the Household Commodity Food Distribution Programs.

Meal Planning + Recipes

Dairy Council of California. Healthy Eating Made Easier.

Provides recipe and meal planning suggestions as well as general health information. Includes tools such as a recipe database, meal planner, and shopping lists.

Meals for You


Learn to create quick, healthy meals using the online cookbook, shopping lists, and recipe finder features of this Web site.

Fruits & Veggies More Matters Fruit & Vegetable Recipe Search

Produce for Better Health Foundation.

Use this online recipe database to locate recipes using fruits and vegetables.

Families, Food and Fitness Dynamic List of Recipes

Cooperative Extension System. eXtension Initiative.

Recipes for a healthy lifestyle.

Good Nutrition for Busy Families (PDF | 58 KB)

North Dakota State University Extension Service.

Brochure provides ideas for streamlining cooking while providing nutritious meals.

Fight Bac Grilling Food Safety Grill It Safely! (PDF | 443 KB)

University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension.

This resource teaches you how to select, prepare, transport and grill meat and poultry safely to reduce foodborne illness.

Dry Bean Recipes

US Dry Bean Council.

Recipes from appetizers and breakfast to vegetarian dishes and dessert.